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PaymentsMatter specialise in credit/debit card acceptance in differing ways, be it face to face with a terminal, over the phone or even a payment services system through your website. Whatever your credit card processing needs, we’re here to help, with a wide variety of options on offer, we have the perfect solution for your business 

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Representing many Merchant Services Providers, PaymentsMatter is a leading provider of debit and credit card processing services to the market. We supply many businesses in the UK with the very latest in chip and pin terminals and card reader payment solutions. Whether your business needs a chip and pin card machines or just credit card machine rental, we have an option for you.

 Merchant Services

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PaymentMatters pricing is simple, clear, and very competitive. Our USP in an often-confusing market is pricing transparency – and we don’t have any hidden charges. We aim to provide a solution to fit your individual needs and we pride ourselves on our upfront honest approach.

For a no obligation quote or if you have any questions please contact one of our advisors on 0151 662 0091 or complete the Contact form for further information on credit card processing solutions which we can offer. We will be delighted to talk to you about finding the best possible solution for your business.

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                                     Don’t settle for automated services. 

                                    Benefit from a dedicated account manager, taking care of your needs.                                                         

                                           Start accepting payments sooner

Get your business up and running with a streamlined merchant approval and on-boarding process.


Complete transparency with no hidden extras

Our fee structures are based on your specific business and industry needs.

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Simple & Secure 

Borgun Have over 35 Years’ experience in the issuing and acquiring sector. They know that businesses rely on them to provide secure, swift, and reliable payment processing solutions. With their comprehensive range of products and experience for your business to draw upon, they tailor solutions to meet your needs.


If you are looking for something different Then Borgun Is the company that can offer this.


From a Single Corner café to

  multi-national corporations: both work to meet the needs of their customers, and both choose First DataFirst Data looks for every opportunity to help  customers get more from every transaction.


They continue to develop innovative solutions to make payments both simpler and faster ensuring the safety of all transactions and an overall more rewarding experience 



Express Funding 

Every day, more than 1.3 million customers across the globe rely on Elavon to process transactions. Their goal is to ensure you have the card payment options and flexibility to help your business grow.


. You’ll also benefit from an improved cash flow, and have more time on your hands with fewer trips to the bank to pay in cash and cheques.

 makes your service or product more readily available to potential customers

Clear Difference 

 Customer satisfaction is vital for your business Choosing AIB Merchant Services as your acquirer, helps you provide the level of service your customer expects. Providing unique retail solutions that guarantee quick, easy and secure transactions. We can help you facilitate payments quickly and securely over any channel your customer favours, at the counter, online, over the phone.


Gas & Electricity 

With the high price of energy it is more important than ever to find ways of improving efficiency and saving money.  The trend for the wholesale price of energy recently has been upwards, and is likely to continue to increase for the foreseeable future.


As commodity costs continue to rise, the continued good management of energy usage becomes increasingly important.  However, cost is not the only factor to consider.

Environmental considerations are important for businesses of any size, both from a sustainability and reputational perspective.  Ensuring customer satisfaction through the maintenance of a consistent and comfortable environment is also a key issue to consider.

We can review your use of energy usage to identify consumption saving opportunities.


Water Charges 

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Things Changed in 2017?

In 2017, the non-domestic water market in England will be de-regulated, which means that any business water customer will be able to switch water/wastewater providers.

In Wales, water competition will only be available for those customers who qualify under the volumetric threshold criteria of using >50 ML pa (50 mega litres or 50,000 m3 pa).

Whilst the water wholesaler will remain geographically determined in the new de-regulated market, the licensed retail provider, ie. the entity undertaking the billing and meter readings can be chosen by the customer.

The changes will echo those which have already taken place in Scotland, where any business can switch provider for water and wastewater.


What Are The Likely Benefits?

It is difficult to be sure of any competitive pricing and the impact on water costs – this will depend upon a number of factors/ However from ECM’s initial discussions with suppliers we know that there will be small discounts available and improvements in service, account billing and administration.


What's The Next Steps?

All of the licensed water suppliers will be operating on different time scales to implement these changes.

It is expected that the new water market will work in much the same way as in other utility services, where a range of suppliers compete for customers by offering them alternative deals.

The complexity of tariffs and pricing options is as yet unknown but our experience of other competitive utility market suggests that great skill is needed in being able to navigate your way through the process, and interpret/analyse the range of offerings in order that you can make a truly informed decision.

PaymentsMatter will update you specifically in relation to your sites as more information from suppliers and other industry parties becomes available.

If in the meantime you are uncertain or require assistance then please contact us



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